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We provide the solution for asset management


Meet the team behind CPM Coin. Together, they work tirelessly to create a revolutionary token that will be the official currency of CryptoPoolMirror.

Piyanut Wonglakhon
| Crypto Advisor | Project Advisor | Project Developer | Business Developer | Web Designer || HTML | CSS | E-mail Design | Landing Page | IT | Consultation | Marketing |
Yogesh Sethi
CEO of Bitcounts | International Crypto Accountant
Sophia St-Martin
CEO of E-Scale 8 Services | International Business Project Manager | Finance| Crypto Trade | Exclusive Member of the CPM community
Damir Lukavackic
| Crypto Advisor | Project Advisor | Community Manager | Web Developer |
Jean W. Gaby
CEO of Gab World Management | Team Manager | Spokesperson | Coach | CPM Senior Member |
Jean-Noel Santos
CPM Senior Project Manager
Denis Lukavackic
| Crypto Advisor | Project Advisor | Project Developer | Web Programer | Web Designer |
CEO of Spiegel Technologies | Head Web Developer Leader of CPMX platform | Web Developer | Team Manager
Damir Hajdić
| IT Enginerr | IT support | Security advisor | Front-end-developer |
Piyachai Wonglakon
| Crypto community manager | Trader | Marketing support |
Ahmad Ghulam Rasool
CEO of Webycart | Laravel developer | API developer | Website designer | Bot developer | Automation
Gilles Zoyim
CEO of Joedi LLCCloud Architect | Cloud Engineer | AWS Operations | Cloud Security | AWS Support

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